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    Exclamation unusual high server load- how to trace down the faulty scripts?

    Hello people,
    first of all I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but:
    I have a dedicated server running CentOS, with a quite powerful hardware: dual 3 Ghz processor, 2 Gb Ram, and I`m running about 25-30 sites.
    from a while the server has unusual high loads, and I keep getting mails from WHM that "the CPU has been maxed out in the past 6 hours".
    we also had hacker attacks on the server, but it`s cleaned up.
    my question is:
    how can I trace down what processes are running on the server, because all I can see that mysql and httpd are causing the high loads, and in this case:
    how can I trace down if there are any php scripts causing the high loads, maybe incorrect scripts, etc.
    is there any tool for this?

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    If httpd and mysqld are causing high loads, you can try setting them to a lower log level. Look for the same thing being done over and over. Also, if you're using perl or python on the sites, you want to run those in a debug mode also.

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    Hi likwid,
    thanks for your reaction.
    I had perl running on the server, but I changed it`s ownership to root, and made it accessible only for root.
    this cutted down the usage of perl.
    the sites on the server don`t use it anyway, so this was useless.
    python is not causing high load, so this one is ok.
    the problem is mysql and httpd.
    how do I set them to a lower log level? and where do I find all their logs?

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