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    New Home Setup - Any Suggestions/Ideas

    Ok, I guess the best thing to do would be to first explain WHY I want to set things up the way I do. Well, I currently have a PC that's a few years old that very decent, but getting a little outdated. I play a lot of games, so having Linux on my main computer is almost an impossible task. Well I am about to buy a new PC specifically for gaming so I will be getting a couple of raptor hard drives in a RAID, so I won't have much space on it, and I'll put XP Pro on there. What I want to do with my current PC is set it up as a file server using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES).

    I'm a huge fan of Linux and have played around with a few distributions, but my actual knowledge isn't that great. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me the best way to set it up or offer any links to some guides for doing that or just any suggestions to any better ideas. Just anything. Also, I told my fiance she could use my old computer when I get the new one, and don't really want her messing up the server when I get it set up, so I wasn't sure if there was a way to maybe run SLED 10 on it as well while having the server running or if I would just need to set her up with a limited access account on there.

    Although I'm not opposed to using a different distribution or another idea, the main reason I want to set up SLES 10 is because at my work, we are considering switching over to using SLES. We currently have a primarily Novell network with some mixed Windows, and this would be a great opportunity for me to play around with it at home and get more information on it.

    If anyone has any ideas or anything, they would be most appreciated. Currently, I found a couple of good links that I will try using, but doesn't really answer all of my questions. I posted the links below, and maybe they can help someone else as well. Thanks again for any help you can give,

    Tyler D. Franklin

    Setting up a Linux File Server on a Windows network ~ The Computer Vet
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES 10) Installation and Administration Guide

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    Part of what you need to think about is what exactly you want to be using this for. Since it sounds like you will only have a couple of computers in the house, and you (and maybe your finance) will be actually pulling files off of said server from outside your house, your needs are quite minimal. Are you thinking about just opening up ssh/sftp or are you thinking a more involved home network/domain with multiple users? If you are just going to be doing ssh and maybe one or two network shares then there isn't all that much planning involved. (If you ran into a specific problem you could always just post it here, right?) Similarly, if that is all you plan on doing, then there isn't much that a normal user (aka. finance) could do to mess anything up.

    If your plans are more grandiose, for instance giving people at work accounts that need to be managed, then you may want to post those ideas if you are unsure how to get started.

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    Well, to be honest I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with it exactly. Primarily, it's just going to be me and my fiance using it and pulling files off. However, there's a chance I might want to go more in depth just for testing purposes. I don't imagine anyone else would have access to it (unless I may give accounts to a few close friends or something), but whereas I just NEED it to serve up my files, I would like to get more in depth into it and learn all the inner workings and such for when I set one up on my work network.

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    Let me make a suggestion then and you can decide what to do with it:

    1.) Use ssh/sftp to serve files to you at work etc.

    Most distributions come pre-packaged with ssh and all you have to do is switch it on. This will allow any user on your computer to have access to their own files... and any others that you as the administrator allow them. Since to start there will only be a few of you there is no need for an ftp server which is less secure.

    2.) Set up your new server box as the domain controller.

    You can then create a couple of shares. One which will be for each user's home directory and another for common files (or however you decide). This way when you log into your new gaming computer, these network drives/printers are mounted as drives and always accessible. (You then also could save your small raptor drives for system/game files and use your server box for all user storage.)

    This will give you the first goal of simply making your files accessible from your home network as well as from the wider world. It will also let you dive into a more robust home network setup. My only other suggestion is to just take the plunge and make backups. Linux tinkerer's computer setups are never complete, mostly because we tend to "fix" them until they break! No better way to learn than to break something.

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    Ok, thank you so much for your help! That's definitely what I'm looking for. Can't wait to get my new computer in so I can start playing around with it. Don't guess anyone has any good programs that will help organize your MP3 collection, eh?

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    Amarok is, in my humble opinion, the best music player. Since it uses a searchable media library your music doesn't need to be organized (and it is easy to change or even autofill tags).

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    Ok, I'll give it a shot. Does it help with renaming files and deleting copies? My MP3 collection has just gotten scattered all over my hard drive and have so many that are named strange that I just haven't been upkeeping them. I'm trying to find something that may search all MP3's on your system and look for the actual info on it and give it a default name (like <artist> - <song> or something), attach album art, and maybe search for any replica's of the same song and maybe move all good songs to a new location. Ever heard of anything that does that?

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