First, I'm still wearing L-Plates, not quite as big as they used to be, but...

I'm pretty sure this is a problem which can be solved but I don't know how.

I have a Fedora 8 Server, with an SMF Forum and a TT Express Helpdesk, plus a website.

We have split the business into two parts, so we decided to create a VirtualHost on Apache, so now we have TWO websites, TWO, Forums and TWO Helpdesks, all running from a single IP Address. this all works 100%

Now comes the problem. I have setup the aliases in Sendmail, so that when a user enters a new Trouble Ticket, Sendmail generates an email to the customer, and several people on the HelpDesk. This also works 100% BUT...

The VirtualHost Service Desk has a different group of people who must get notified. - The customer and 5 completely different people from the other lot and we don't want mail for the service desk going to the helpdesk and vice versa.

I'm told by TT Express that this is a Sendmail configuration problem. Alas, I have no idea how to do it.

I created and alias called helpdesk: joe, bill, jean, mary and I created another called service: tony, joan, piet, alan, george

After that I'm STUCK!

Any help would be much appreciated.