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    enable regular non-ssl pop3 email connections

    I set up a mail server these past few days and somehow it is setup to only allow SSL connections. I dont' mind having that set but then I have to run around to 200+ user's machines and change them to all use an ssl connection:

    If I login without using an ssl connection I get an error saying responded:

    Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command.

    Is there a way on the server side (I'm using debian) to allow my ipopd server to let people use a non-ssl connection?

    I'm using sendmail and the uw-imap packages.

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    I'm not familiar with Debian but if it is using xinetd then somewhere in /etc/xinetd.d is a file named ipop3.

    Edit that file and set "disable = no". Restart xinetd for the changes to take effect. Test with
    telnet localhost 110

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    thanks for the reply

    in the end I uninstalled ipop3 and went with popa3d and it worked just fine.

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