I just had the idea that I would like to use data encryption on my server as I have kind of sensible data on it.

Having a TrueCrypt running automatically on server boot and opening the container files is not an option for me.

I was thinking of the solution:
  1. Have several TrueCrypt containers that contain data. One for each wanted Samba share/user.
  2. When I log on on the Samba domain the username + password gets passed on to TrueCrypt and opens the container files for this user/share.

If this is some how possible then I would like to get it working in a multi user environment.
Just now I would not know how I could tell samba to start TrueCrypt and hand over the username + password every time a user is logging in.

I know that I could put the container files inside a Samba share and use TrueCrypt on the client, but I guess that would be a huge performance issue opening the container file via a network connection. Also I would have quite some drive letters to deal with. One for the share containing the container file and an additional one to mount the container file to the client with TrueCrypt itself.

Is there any good solution to this? Any other suggestions on how to handle this?

... Black