Installed xampp and it worked fine. Decided I wanted more control so I installed apache2. When I go to Test (which is a domain simply pointed to the ip of my server) I get a 404 The requested URL /xampp/ was not found on this server. If I manually type in the exact files I want under /var/www (apache2's htdocs dir) I get what I want, so I know I am using the correct .conf file. However, if I use just the IP, or say Test it works - I'm really confused!

I have looked in the apache2.conf file, made sure my /etc/init.d/apache2 startup uses the apache2 install and not the xampp, and scoured the mods/sites-available for any reference to xampp. Does anyone have any clue what is going on? What is the detailed process used to route an incoming request to determine where to look for the htdocs?