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    Cool help setting up and configuring my home based server system

    So can i run linux on a d-link DI-524 version E1? because my goal is to have it receive my wireless connection like it was WAN and then transmit it to my servers. My other goal was to have it transmit to one computer then from there through either Ethernet or usb connect(whichever is faster i am guessing usb is because i am not using gigaLAN) to the other computers and use them as normal servers so pretty much i wanted a master computer or server connected to secondary servers; after i would like one out of the 5 secondary servers to be mail one server to be website host and the rest to be data for download and upload. Last i would like to have it all running ubuntu server edition 7.10 (gutsy) and GPROFTPD or apache and the main server is all going to be in a GUI interface (make it easyer for me)

    P.S. who is the youngest person to have a running server system that they put together and configured them self?

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    i dont know ubuntu very well i would use centos or debian depending on the power of your system or you must run ubuntu in text mode sorry i cant be of any help to you

    answer to the p.s.--im 14 and have set up about 5 or 6 servers
    in total i have about 20u worth of rack mount to my name that i set up on my own

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    ahahaha woo i am 14 too :P !

    hey were did you get the parts? i am looking like crazy on ebay:P but shipping kills

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    i buy off tiger direct and one of my friends supplies me with alot of his older stuff like the compac shown above

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    lol you must have a lot of money to afford that O_O ahhaahha:P right now i am trying to get a few old computers from my uncle, he has 3 they should work for the time being until i get more

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    no i get it for free from him

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    no i was talking about tiger direct they expensive but really i guess if you want to buy the right stuff and not gamble with ebay then it is the right way to go :P but i have no money to spend ahahaXD so i use triond and i hope by a few months i should have enough to buy one server.

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