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    mod_ssl and Apache, open port 443

    I am running Apache 2.0.46 and it doesn't appear that it was compiled with mod_ssl. This first became evident when I opened port 443 in my iptables firewall and all tests (nmap, telnet, netstat, etc) show that the port is closed.

    So, in my reading, I came across this:

    "Make sure that you have /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf configured properly. in httpd.conf you should have a line like this (not commented out) Include conf.d/*.conf. in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf you should have a line that says listen 443. keep in mind though that you will probably need to generate your own security certificates for ssl.

    also, make sure that mod_ssl is being loaded from httpd.con or ssl.conf. if i remember correctly the command to load mod_ssl is in ssl.conf. LoadModule ssl_module modules/"

    I don't seem to have anything referencing ssl.conf, so I am assuming it wasn't compiled with mod_ssl.

    What would be the next step. I am thinking that I should upgrade apache to apache 2.2.8, but I understand that is a fairly significant upgrade from 2.0.

    Assuming that I don't upgrade, would I just recompile the version I have, using mod_ssl. If I do upgrade to 2.2.8, what should I be looking to break? Is there some process that has worked well for anyone?

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    Enable mod_ssl

    I don't think you should have to recompile to include SSL support, you can enable mod_ssl by adding a symlink in your mods-enabled directory.

    cd mods-enabled
    ln -s ssl.load ../mods-enabled/ssl.load
    ln -s ssl.conf ../mods-enabled/ssl.conf

    We have a tutorial on setting up SSL... it was written for Windows but we've ported it over to Ubuntu without any problems:

    The Data Jelly Blog: Using Apache for SSL & GZip Compression Offloading

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