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    apache redirecting default home page


    I apologize for this extremely newbie question. I searched around but couldn't find an answer, perhaps I'm not searching for the correct terms.

    I installed a web application, which required an install of apache, and resides in cgi-bin. It works, but I need to go to http://xxx.yyy.zzz/cgi-bin/some_app.cgi to utilize. How can I tweak apache so that I merely have to go to http://xxx.yyy.zzz to get to that one specific cgi file. There are several other .cgi files in the cgi-bin directory.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Use a virtual Host in your apache config. Pretty easy and I'm sure you can find something about this in google


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    Wouldn't I have to set up a second IP address to do that?

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    using name based virtual hosts (google it) you can have multiple names all on the same apache install and using the same ip. to redirect like you are talking you can probably use a redirectmatch command in a virtual host
    apache redirectmatch - Google Search

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