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    Changing Websites Domain Name

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question regarding changing the websites domain name . I have a website with domain name and I want to change it to .Can anyone tell me how I can make this change.The webiste Resides on a Redhat Server.Please help me in this regard.

    Thanks and Regards .
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    You will be able to change your domain name when you purchase the new domain. This is a DNS issue which you can manage with your domain vendor and has no bearing on the type of server you are using.

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    The site i am talking about is my departments webiste and my website resides on a Redhat server which i take care of .My departments name changed and now i have to change the name of the website .Do i have to use the 301 Redirect or is there a way in which i can Change the Domain name of a website. Thanks and Regards.

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    I see this as having 3 options, setup your dns so both names resolve to the same address, then use name based virtual hosts (google it) and have the old name go to a folder that contains an html file that says update your bookmarks with this link, and then the new name will have another virtual host that goes to your site

    2nd method, using the same method as above, for the old site virtual host use a redirect match apache redirectmatch - Google Search

    3rd method, make both names resolve to the same ip and then send an email saying its changed, both names go to the same site so your good either way

    I like option 1 because they get a visual that the name has changed

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