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    Samba: Cannot write to shared folders

    Hi all,

    Using samba on my SUSE 9.1 installation I can view shares on all my other windows machines, and they can view the shared folders on the linux machine. What they cannot do, however, is write anything to the shared folders.

    Here is an excerpt from my smb.conf file:

    comment = Shared directory on Linux box
    path = /shared
    guest ok=yes
    writeable = yes
    Read only = no

    How should I alter this so this folder is writeable by everyone from my windows machines.

    Thanks in advance


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    check the permissions set to /shared. if the permissions don't allow this to happen, then samba can't write to it. check by typing 'ls -l /shared'.

    placing both writeable = yes, Read only = no is redundant. it means the same thing. but that won't effect anything, just thought you would like to know.

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    maybe you should change

    writeable to writable

    and add public = yes
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