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    site chmod problem in ftp

    pure-ftpd doesn't allow me to change chmod.

    i can delete the file, but not change it's chmod, it says "Operation not permitted" on "SITE chmod 664 bla2" command, when bla2 file is "-rwxrwxr-- www-data www-data" and i'm authorized through mysql as being www-data group (and some other user).

    i know why it allows me to delete it - because i'm owner of the upper directory. but if i'm the group member, and the file has rwxrwx--- and is same group as i, why it doesn't allow me to change it's chmod ?

    and how can i bypass it ?

    i have multi-user box (many many many users) and i wan't them to be able to change chmod of their files, that were created through PHP (that's why files are www-data owner, not the user owner)

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    pure-ftpd can disable chmod command so in the configuration file it needs to be set allowed.
    compiled into pure-ftpd is an extension to ftp which may not have happened, if compilation set to minimal it would not be.
    link to docs is:

    hope this may help

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