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    freeTDS + ODBC + DB2 = possible???


    I think this is the right forum to put this in, if not then please let me know and i'll move the post.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use freeTDS with ODBC to connect to DB2?
    The reason is that I have an application which uses the TDS protocol to connect to Sybase OpenClient, however I would like to use DB2 (instead of Sybase) without having to change the protocol being used. So I was looking into creating some sort of adapter which uses freeTDS and ODBC which allows the application to communicate with DB2.

    Does this solution sound possible?? Or am I trying to do something which is impossible? Im a novice in using these technologies so any hints/tips will be helpful.

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    Hi Tom,

    Does your application use the FreeTDS ODBC driver for its connectivity to Sybase or have your written directly to the FreeTDS DB-Lib interface or similar ?

    If you did use the FreeTDS ODBC Driver and essentially wrote an ODBC Interface for your application, then it should be simply a case of obtaining a DB2 ODBC driver for the required OS and replace the FreeTDS ODBC Driver with it.

    If you wrote directly to the FreeTDS layer (DB-Lib or other) then you will most probably have a write another interface for DB2 using its CLI (which happens to be ODBC).

    Ultimately if you are intending to use your application against multiple back end databases, then an generic API like ODBC is what is required such that you write an ODBC interface for your application once and then just plugin the required ODBC driver for the target database.

    HTH ...

    Best Regards
    Hugh Williams
    OpenLink Software

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