My company needs to install a W2K3 server to run a windows specific application. It does not need domain authentication, but requires some files to be stored on the server's file system. It also will run a MS SQL server.

I have added this server to my happy domain (3.0.25 + Fedora DS ) and it joined just like an XP workstation. Next thing I want to map users clients to a share on this server, and keep the existing data on the old fileserver.

I do not want to depend for domain logons on this server because I have little trust in it. (Yet )

Surprisingly there are no errors or seeming problems. I could even log on as a domain user, thanks to the existing PDC, of course.

Having no previous experience of W2k3 -
Am I likely to run into problems with this setup?
Should I apply all the usual Samba registry patches for XP, like signorseal, etc?
Maybe unprivileged accounts should be created for my applications?
Really confused with this strange server OS