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    how to tweak sendmail to send email without having proper domain name?

    I am setting up linux box with sendmail. I don't have any domain register. So, I am using my isp's address for MX record and domain. My problem is i can send email to some email addresses but not all. Like if i try to send email address to hotmail or yahoo, my maillog will show queuing up for sending mail. Hotmail and other big email provider use dnsreverse query and when they don't find me as valid domain, they drop my email.

    SMART_HOST is smtp of my isp
    MASQUERADE AS ('isp's domain')

    Please tell me how is it possible to send email from my linux server to hotmail and other without having valid domain. I even tried my dsl router public IP addres instead of domain name but it still does not go through to hotmail.

    Please somebody advise, I need this done quick as possible.

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    it's simple using MX records of destination SMPT server
    Download dll from.

    //Now prepare your message.
    MailMessage mail = new MailMessage();
    mail.From = new MailAddress("");
    mail.Subject = "Send email without SMTP server";
    mail.Body = "Yep, its workin!!!!";

    //Send message
    string domain = mail.To[0].Address.Substring(mail.To[0].Address.IndexOf('@') + 1);
    //To Do :need to check for MX record existance before you send. Left intentionally for you.
    string mxRecord = SendSMTP.DnsLookUp.GetMXRecords(domain)[0];
    SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(mxRecord);

    Go to for complete details.

    Do not use Dll provided for commercial use.
    it should be used for only testing purpose.


    D V Bava

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