I'm reposting this from the fedora forum where I posted it first...

I have an old Fedora Core 1 box working as a gateway to my intranet. For over a year now it has been flawlessly using mod_proxy to direct SVN traffic to a Fedora Core 7 box that houses my subversion server. A couple of days ago it started taking an absurd amount of time to do anything with Subversion through the proxy. If I'm on my local network and access the subversion box locally all works as it should. I am not seeing any errors in the apache logs on the gateway machine.

Another interesting piece of information is that right around the same time I stopped being able to mount my NFS shares from my gateway machine to any of the other machines in my network. The request times out every time. I had not changed ANYTHING on any of the machines when this happened. It came out of the blue. My first thought was that I ran out of drive space but it appears that I'm fine on that front as well.

I'm not quite a linux noob but I'm no expert either. Can anybody help me with this? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.