Hello, I am doing a little research into an email solution. Maybe I am not reading some of the instructions and howtos correctly for postfix/sendmail but I cannot seem to work out if I can acheive my goal.

Currently example.com mx points to UK server. Uk server will then deliver mail to US server via WAN.

I would like a hosted postfix server on the internet to take care of delivery to either the US or the UK so we free up WAN bandwidth.

We have an exchange org with several servers in the US and the UK all with the same domain @example.com . Can postfix be configured in such a way as to deliver the the email for recipients with accounts based in the US straight to {ussmtpserver}.example.com or IPaddress without using sub domains in the email addresses? There is location specific data in the Active Directory which could be pulled out with an LDAP query and written into the various tables postfix uses, however I do not know how to go about configuring postfix to do this if it is possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.