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    openssh protocol option

    I ran nessus scan on my server and realised that my Openssh Protocol Version 1 was enabled. This can be a problem as this protocol is not completely cryptographically safe,so the software suggested me to set the 'Protocol' option to '2'. I am not sure how to do that as the first time i installed openssh , i used default paramemters. Can anybody help me with this problem?

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    there should be an ssh.conf or openssh.conf somewhere (probably in etc) try to find it, it will probably have the value PROTICOL, or you can do this
    echo PROTOCOL="2" > /etc/openssh.conf
    just find the config, openssh's manuals and docs should be able to guide you through most of this.
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    RE: openssh option


    Thanks for your response. There is a file sshd.config in /etc/ssh , I tried changing the line which said #protocol 2,1 to #protocol 2 and then restarted the ssh using /etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd restart command. Then I tried checking the protocol version using ssh -V but it shows the same output as before. Can you please tell me how can I check if my protocol version has actually changed. Also the code that you mentioned in your posted reply, I tried using that too but it didnt work. Can you help me with this.


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    Hi qub333,

    Thanks a lot the following code worked:
    echo PROTOCOL="2" > /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    After restarting the sshd, I checked it by using telnet command (telnet://remotehost 22), it gave me the correct protocol version:


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