I have 2 questions about exim:

1. I have a mysql table in a database that has two fields, a alias field (contains blah@mydomain.com ) and a rcpt field (where the mail needs to go to).

Is it possible to have exim look at this table and if it recieves a going to what matches in the alias colum it fowards it to the rcpt column?

Or can I somehow make a script to generate a file exim can read so I can do this?

2. I need to pipe all email that has no address or forward to procmail for one domain. I tried logging into cpanel and and setting the default address to |/usr/bin/procmail but that is not working. Is there a way I can do this via ssh?

My .procmailrc is as follows (so Maybe I can do this with exim and skip procmail entirely)


| $HOME/bin/mailgate.pl

I have full root access to my machine btw.

Thanks for the help!