Hi all,

I currently have postfix, mysql, courier, spamassassin set up in an isp hosted configuration (vmail). Everything's working except for one little thing..

I create an alias in the forwardings table (in mysql) and I have aliased the following:

somevirtualemail@mydomain.com -------> mycellphone@cellphoneprovider.com, myemail@mydomain.com

Postfix receives the message, processes it and says it's delivered, but it doesn't show up in my email or on my cell phone. When I send directly to these addresses, it's fine.

I'm assuming it has something to do with postfix refusing to send the message to an external domain and thus just dumps the message. I can't see anything in the /var/log/maillog that says the message has been dumped.

Am I missing something here? I assumed that postfix would just expand the email alias and send the message to both destinations (one local hosted and one external email address [my cell phone]), but it just dumps the message somewhere and both accounts (local email and my cell phone) don't receive the message.

What am I missing?

Thanks In Advance.