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    $CATALINA_HOME and Tomcat question

    Hey all -

    I have successfully installed Apache Tomcat 5.5 from the Ubuntu repositories on my school's server machine, and after some minor fixes, it seems to be up and running.

    Visiting localhost on port 8180, however, produces a blank page. This makes sense though, as there are obviously no files in the Tomcat root directory ($CATALINA_HOME) for the JSP engine to display.

    I assumed that /usr/share/tomcat5.5/webapps is the directory that I would put such files, but after dropping some test files in there, obviously my intuition is wrong.

    I was reading some forum posts and it seems that installing the tomcat5.5-webapps package sets $CATALINA_HOME to /usr/share/tomcat5.5-webapps for you automatically.

    My question is, where the heck is $CATALINA_HOME defined/set by default if you install tomcat5.5 from the repositories? Also, how can I change this default - I can't figure out how to set it statically to a directory of my own choosing.


    PS - echoing $CATALINA_HOME from Bash shows nothing.

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    Ideas? Kind of desperate here

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    Have you installed java(JDK) and set the environment variable for it? in addition, i think there is a configuration issue (maybe java), if tomcat is installed correctly the default page will appear with some jsp examples.


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    yes, I believe you need to have JAVA_HOME set. what happens when you start tomcat from console, /usr/sbin/tomcat ???(can't remember exact location)

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