Be kind it's my first post

I'd like to configure a transparent proxy with Squid on a server that I'm using. It's a Red Hat 9.0 box that is a NAT Router (2 nics and 2 serperate networks). I'm running a DHCP server on it to one of the networks. It looks like this...

eth0 --

eth1 --

I have several machines on the 192.168.0 network that I want to access the internet. I have a proxy server on the 10.18.200 network that is my internet connection for all the 192.168.0 hosts.

In order for these hosts to access the internet I have to manually enter the proxy information on the clients browsers which is a real pain.

I've setup Squid before so that clients didn't have to have any proxy configuration done and it was going through Squid for the internet.

Would it be possible to configure Squid to connect to the proxy so that I wouldn't have to manually enter the proxy information for the 10.18.200 network?