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    Configuring remote commands rcp, rsh, rexec, etc.

    Ok... I'm very new to Linux, but I need some help. I have been tasked with figuring out how to execute commands remotely from server to server. We're setup using Redhat 4 if that helps.

    I need to know how to configure our servers to allow rsh, rcp, rexec, etc...

    I know that SSH is more secure, but we don't need it. We're using an intranet and security is not an issue. We just want to enable these commands so we can execute codes from one server to the other and copy from machine to machine... all remotely.


    Ok. Update: We were successful in installing the rsh-server and adding the two domains for each server to the /etc/host.equiv file. We are now trying a localhost rsh, but we're getting a "connection refused" message on the loopback address localhost.

    What else do we need to do to ensure a connection? Keep in mind SSH isn't an option as we don't need security between the two servers and it's slower.
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    I suspect you need to:

    1> Ensure that your got the services you want loaded (i.e.: rpm installed) as they are removed by default on most distributions because they are security risks.

    2> Edit both /etc/hosts.allow & /etc/host.deny to allow access.

    3> Got a firewall running, if so, disable it.

    4> Enable the services you want access to by editing the inetd or xinetd service table.

    5> If your got problems, remember to look in the /var/log logfiles (especially /var/log/messages for example).

    Hope this assists.

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