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    Talking SMB anounce to internet

    Hello all!

    I have a small linux device called "Freecom storage gateway". Basically its a box the size of a small brick including a 500GB HD and an XScale linux file/web/print/etc server. Works fine in every way but...

    I noticed that the eth led for the wan if was flashing alot so I got curious and made a tcpdump wich I analyzed in wireshark. Most of the flashing turned out to be ARP quiery's from the ISP but I also found that my server where sending SMB anounce messages and other samba broadcasts onto the internet (through the wan port directed to the ISP's DHCP server in fact). I checked iptables and I think it looks OK and the device doesn't show any ports except 80 to the internet so it should be safe I hope.

    Now to the question: If I want to stop the broadcast (I do), where should I start to look? Samba (which I'm, not all that fammiliar with)? How then? Perhaps add a rule to iptables? Would that work or would it mess up something else?

    All suggestions are wellcome!

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    Not really sure, maybe it's trying to become a master browser for the network.

    You could add the following to your smb.conf

    hosts allow = x.x.x.x (local network)
    hosts deny = all
    preferred master = no

    Have you looked at the configurations on the samba website?

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