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    MySQL & PostgreSQL

    I have a dedicated server and it comes with PostgreSQL and MySQL installed on the server. I am native to using MySQL with everything, my custom PHP stuff, phpBB and IPB forums, etc.

    I started up the PostgreSQL service and took it for a test drive with the different things. The speeds were pretty much identical.

    PostgreSQL 7.3.6:

    MySQL 3.23.58:

    What I am really wondering, is if one is better at certain environments than others. I know MySQL is the most common on webhosts, but should I offer them both to customers? What are the pros and cons of PostgreSQL? Is it worth running both for a webhost? Or is PostgreSQL not really worth the extra RAM/CPU needed to run?

    Thanks for any input.
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    PostGres is different from MySQL, it has stored procedures, triggers, and loads of other features not currently in mysql 3.x, and 4.x is only part of the way there.

    The general notion is that mysql is faster, but postgres has features used in larger database applications.

    If or not you should offer PostGres to your customers is something that should be a part of your business plan and I cannot really tell you what to do there. Generally I wouldnt *expect* there to be an everyday demand for postgres hosting especially in a shared hosting environment - only bigger sites where that level of database requirement are a necessitiy may use it.


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    Thanks alot for the information, Jason.

    I also found some good articles talking about the two.
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