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    I thought this would be something exciting for all of us that are pushing for more mainstream use of linux. At my work, I just finished setting up 2 linux based systems providing nifty services, if i can get the uptime on these systems to reach some crazy levels, I might be able to migrate some of the other servers at my workplace (Affiliated Computer Services) to Linux.
    1) Wiki
    2) Nagios
    Its wonderful and exciting, and i learned tons about php and mysql in the process (the wiki was completly new to me) For those of you that care, both systems are gentoo. so far so good, luckly the technicians took to the wiki idea like moths to a flame. I didn't know much of any php when i was messing with it, so the interface is nothing pretty, infact, i might even call it ugly, but because the server is only accessable on the LAN, i just made it open to all, even the source ( i have backups) and am letting them fix it up. its becoming quit popular as a means of sharing solutions (as we are a very geographicaly diverse company). So yes, even M$ engineers like open source. (ok, they are not actualy from M$, but they live in an all M$ world)
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    Use of Linux in Volvo IT

    I just successfully converted a web server that runs a lot of applications that help automate the help desk at Volvo Information Technology of North America:
    OLD: Windows 2003 Server / IIS 6.0 / ASP.NET / (most apps written in C# or vb)
    NEW: Fedora Core 2 / Apache 2.0.50 / PHP 5 / (all apps written in PHP)

    The nest part was showing my boss how the freeware did have to have 12 different patches installed to get Visual Studio to see the inetpub folder on the Windows server.


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