Hi All,

Im fairly a noob regarding linux but i know the odd thing or two.

My question has to do with some signs (letters) used in ACLs for SQUID !!!

Can you please clarify the following signs :

first is the ( -i ) and it means that the expressions are case insensitive..right ???

second is the ( ^ ) sign ..i have seen teh preceding mostly scenarios using mime types. i have seen some configurations lines (in the same config file) which are identical , withthe only difference being the ^ used for one of the two identical lines !!! what does it mean, or do ???

thirdly is the ( $ ) dollar sign. I see this used in the files used in ACLs i.e block mp3 and i see this line /.mp3$ ...what does the $ do ???

and last...having previously configured and run squid, i could block users from downloading pdf files by specifying the /.pdf$ in a text file and using it accordingly in an ACL. however, if the user did a littly trick like this :

assume that the pdf file is here : www.pdf.com/paper.pdf
because i blocked pdf he couldnt download it... if the user type www.pdf.com/paper.pdf.html (note the .html at the end) then the squid proxy would allow him to download the file !!!! not only the web server on the other end replies with a FILE NOT FOUND (paper.pdf.html) but instead send him the paper.pdf file !!!!? How do you explain this ??

Thanks all,

I hope to get a couple of answers !!!!