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    Exim4 Forwarding Issue - Gmail/Yahoo Specific

    I have exim4 forwarding up and running. However, when I test the forwarding by sending a message from the account to which mail is being forwarded, the mail never arrives. That is a confusing sentence... let me spell it out a bit better.

    I'm sending a message from email address "A" to a user "B" on my server. The user "B" has their email forwarding to address "A". So, when I send a message from "A" to "B", I expect the message to arrive back at "A"'s Inbox. This works perfectly when I send messages to "B" from any account but "A". However, when I use "A" and "A" is a Gmail account, the message never gets forwarded and appears to disappear into the ethos. If A is a Yahoo account, the message gets flagged as Spam (regardless of the content).

    Is this a configuration problem on my exim4 server?

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    can you check your mail logs and post that here?

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    Thanks for the quick response! Here is a snippet of the logs. I substituted for my gmail email address and for the email address that is managed by my server.

    2008-05-26 03:09:42 1K0Wpv-0007F7-8w => <> R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp []
    2008-05-26 03:09:42 1K0Wpv-0007F7-8w Completed
    2008-05-26 03:09:51 1K0Wq7-0007pl-4f <= [] P=esmtp S=2031 id=2bb696990805260009r7dfd0bb3j4aa2e62f3b
    2008-05-26 03:09:52 1K0Wq7-0007pl-4f => <> R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp []
    2008-05-26 03:09:52 1K0Wq7-0007pl-4f Completed
    2008-05-26 03:14:15 1K0WuN-0006ny-In <= [] P=esmtp S=1975 id=2bb696990805260014r73cbe6d8tc485af6f868
    2008-05-26 03:14:18 1K0WuN-0006ny-In => <> R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp []
    2008-05-26 03:14:18 1K0WuN-0006ny-In Completed
    2008-05-26 03:15:25 1K0WvV-0001QK-6S <= [] P=esmtp S=1983 id=2bb696990805260015h3ec77e7dn86848f13a3

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