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    Home network with Windows and FreeBSD


    I setup a home network. Here is the setting.

    DSL goes into a router, a router behaves as a DHCP. Router assigns the windows machine the IP address of, it assigns the FreeBSD machine the IP address of It reserves for itself.

    Windows machine can ping FreeBSD and vice versa. No problem at all.

    Windows has apache2 running. On windows machine, I can do cPanelŽ, no problem at all. But when I try to connect to the windows machine from FreeBSD by doing on the FreeBSD, browser could not find the site.

    FreeBSD has apache2 running as well. If do cPanelŽ on FreeBSD, no problem. But when I try to connect to the FreeBSD machine from Windows by doing on the Windows, browser could not find the site.

    What is going on here? Could someone please point me at the right direction?

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    Pinging is not the same as connecting. In other words, with ping alone you have achieved very little. If you do a sshd restart (as root) and subsequently ssh to the Windows machine, you should be able to reach it. Vice versa, if you have putty installed on the Windows machine you should be able to reach the FreeBSD machine. Also google for "hosts.allow", which is the FreeBSD file for hosts that should specifically be allowed or disallowed.

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