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    [SOLVED] ProFTPD Issues: standalone mode and keepalives


    I'm using ProFTPD for the FTP service in a Debian Etch machine. I have a pair of questions about it.

    I'm unable to use it in standalone mode. When I switch to it, the service seems up successfully (no notices when restarting) but the service becomes unavailable. From the very begginning I used it through inetd, but I cannot change it and I know not why.

    The second thing is how to get rid of keepalives, not having to configure the clients to keep the connection active.

    Here's my proftpd.conf.

    Thanks in advance.

    # proftpd.conf
    UseIPv6				off
    AuthAliasOnly			on
    ServerName			"SERVIDOR-FTP"
    ServerType			inetd
    DeferWelcome			on
    MultilineRFC2228		on
    DefaultServer			on
    ShowSymlinks			off
    IdentLookups 			off
    UseReverseDNS			off
    TimeoutNoTransfer		600
    TimeoutStalled			600
    TimeoutIdle			1200
    DisplayFirstChdir               .message
    ListOptions                	"-l"
    RequireValidShell		off
    TimeoutLogin			60
    RootLogin			off
    ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd/ftp.log
    TransferLog /var/log/proftpd/xfer.log
    SystemLog   /var/log/proftpd/syslog.log
    #DenyFilter			\*.*/
    UseFtpUsers			off
    AllowStoreRestart		on
    Port				21
    PassivePorts                    1024 65535
    MaxInstances			8
    User				nobody
    Group				nogroup
    Umask				022  022
    PersistentPasswd 		off
    MaxClients			8
    MaxClientsPerHost		8
    MaxClientsPerUser		8
    MaxHostsPerUser			8
    AccessGrantMsg			"Benvingut al Servei FTP"
    ServerIdent			on "Servei FTP"
    AllowOverwrite			yes
    DefaultRoot 			~
    MaxLoginAttempts		5
    UserAlias somealias someuser
    <Limit LOGIN>
      AllowUser someuser
    <Directory /somedirectory>

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    Switching to vsftpd...

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