Hello all, this may be confusing so I will do my best to explain the problem.

I have squid 3 setup with two outcredential accounts. Each account tcp out is set to a different IP. Now the problem is, they both use the same IP src from my computer. So both out accounts use the same IP for src but tcp out to a different IP. This appears to cause some conflict. When I connect, no matter what login/password I use (out1 or out2) squid will always default me to one out account and its respective IP. It appears that I have to have each out account src set to a different IP. Is there anyway around it? Basically I need squid to look at my login/password and then decide what tcp out IP to give me, not my incoming/connecting IP from my computer.

More info to help clear things up. Sample setup of my current config:

acl outcredentials1 src
tcp_outgoing_address outcredentials1

acl outcredentials2 src
tcp_outgoing_address outcredentials2

As you can see I have two tcp out IPs being allocated to two different accounts. Both of the accounts use the same SRC IP coming in and this is the problem. No matter which details I login in the web browser with, squid always pushes me to one IP, even if I use the other accounts login/pwd etc. As the users who connect to the proxy will have all their IPs within a specific range (say but each user needs their own account and dedicated IP. Hopefully that cleared things up if not made them worse