Hi All,

I need some advice on how I can restrict smtp(postfix). Here is the scenario:
- currently we have 9 servers + 1 smtp. all servers are inside the firewall.
 1. prod1.test.ph
 2. prod2.test.ph
 6. prod6.test.ph
 7. nagios.test.ph
 8. jira.test.ph
 9. wiki.test.ph
 10. smtp.test.ph

My problem is how can I restrict:
-  if originator is prodx.test.ph uses smtp server, it can send to any recipient
-  if non-prodx server, only @sistercompany.com recipient will be sent; ignore none @sistercompany.com

I tried looking on this solution
Postfix Per-Client/User/etc. Access Control , but don't know how to construct my class. I'm also confused on
smtpd_recipient_restrictions and smtpd_sender_restrictions. Which is best solution will do on this problem?