Dear Friends,
I'm running postfix-2.2.10-1.RHEL4.2 under RHEL-4 with update4. and
Dovecot as Imap server. I just want to know about quota implementation. My requirement is just nothing but to restrict the mailbox size of a particular user(s). I can use mailbox_size_limit only to restrict all users mailbox size but not a particular one.
Please help me to resolve my problem. Actually in my org. we are having three gruops of peoples. Let's call them as low, mid, high. I just want to restrict the mailbox size of the users in low group with 5MB, mid with 10MB and high with 20MB. Also I don't want to involve any database(like mysql,etc.,) to do this. This is my requirement. Please give a solution to meet this requirement.

Thank a lot,