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    sendmail to use aliased ip

    Hi all!

    I've got a box with several aliased ips.. right now, sendmail is using the first ip
    for eth1: a.b.c.d and I need to get sendmail to use a.b.c.e when talking to other servers (outgoing connections)
    I'm trying to get sendmail to use an aliased IP when acting as a client like so:

    CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Family=inet, Addr=a.b.c.e')dnl

    but the darn thing just doesn't work.. I'm sending a test email with my mail server to my gmail account, and gmail still says that its receiving email from a.b.c.d ... I'm pretty much at a loss here.. why isn't it working?
    sendmail version: Version 8.13.8 (maybe i need to upgrade?)

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    change the primary ip a.b.c.e that will do.
    David Anand
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