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    Question Any security risks with setting up server on home network?

    Any security risks with setting up server on home network? I would like to set up a computer running linux or xp as a computer on our home network. We have about 3 other computers on the same network.

    My network manager says that it would be a security risk to the other computers on the network if I were to have the server running on the network. The server would be connected to a netgear wireless router and I would have ports 80 and 21 opened just for the internal ip address of the server. (for example, the server is on, and I had just the two ports open for it, while there were computers on and

    The netgear router has a firewall built into it. Each of the other computers on the network have software firewalls. I would not have a firewall on the server, and I really don't care if someone hacks it. So, what at worst could happen? Would the other computers be at risk?

    If you are a professional, I want your opinion also. It would help if you posted your previous experience with related stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa G View Post
    I really don't care if someone hacks it.
    you should if you care of someone hacks your other computers

    if someone were to hack that computer and gain root access to it then they would be inside your network and would easily be able to launch any attacks they want against your other computers. The hijacked computer could also be used to launch attacks against other websites or services and the attacks would appear to come from you. So you should care.

    But, that being said, if this is linux then I would keep your software up to date on security updates, specifically your web server and ftp server (ports 80 and 21). doing that and you will more then likely be safe and just in itself its not creating a security risk. the risk comes in you not keeping software up to date and monitoring/managing the server with open ports. if this is windows then I probably wouldn't open the ports

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    Yeah, I would be using Linux

    I will be using debian with apache, and some ftp program. Its not too hard to keep that up to date.

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