testuser is a user on the system.

i have set up an alias file for an email account.

the alias file has this entry:

testuser: :include:/usr/local/mlists/testlistfile.txt

I have compiled the file to a .db file.

in the testlistfile are some mailaddresses I want the mail to arrive.

when I test the list with sendmail it works ok:

sendmail -bv -OAliasFile=/etc/mail/aliasfile testuser

this returns all mailaddresses in the TXT file with deliverable.

now I want to test this:

sendmail -t -OAliasFile=/etc/mail/aliasfile testuser < textfile.txt

now the mail is sent to the linux user (testuser@mydomain.com) instead of the users in the text file?

I was hoping that this way I could send the mail to the users in the textfile, as a list. maybe there is another way?

I should add that at first the mail is sent to testuser, will be piped to a php script.