Hopfully someone can help... I have a vps which I have had since the beginning of the year. I'm trying to diagnose an intermittent problem.

Periodically, when trying to connect to a site that is hosted on my vps (via DirectAdmin), the site will return a 404 error or a connection reset error. When this happens I will press F5 to refresh (as well as Ctrl+F5) which sometimes works. Sometimes, I have to refresh 5 or 6 times before my site will come up.

I think this problem is related to a timeout issue that is intermittent too. Sometimes, when connecting to my site (or just going from one page to another), it will timeout on me. If it doesn't time out (still intermittently), then it can take several seconds with "waiting for www.mysite.com" message in the status bar.

My thoughts are:
1. Could be a DNS/nameserver configuration error somewhere.
2. Apache can be mis-configured somewhere.
3. PHP can be mis-configured somewhere.

It is important to note that this problem is NOT domain specific as I have the problem on many of the domains on my server. It is also not a local connectivity issue, because I get the problem from many different computers and many different networks.

Please do not response with "hire someone". I would like to learn the process in diagnosing the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.