Ok, my original post was deleted during the accident.

I've succesfully installed and updated Fedora Core 2, and now have sshd and vncserver running on it so I can work on it from home. This is what I think the server will look like:

Fetchmail (DL mail from our ISP's POP3 accounts until we change our MX records)
Courier IMAP

Now, this article mentions the use of my mySQL to link postfix and courier IMAP. Anyone care to elaborate?


What's a generic database doing in this list? In this system, it's the glue that connects user accounts between Postfix and Courier-IMAP. While there are several other ways of integrating these servers, MySQL has the added benefit of being completely accessible to Web applications built with PHP. You should add a plug-in to SquirrelMail so that users can change their passwords, and build a simple Web-based user administration application.
I guess I should start by setting up Postfix and fetchmail, then continues down my list in that order? Any advice? I'll post questions in this thread as I run into problems...