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    Unhappy Postfix/Dovecot email issues

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a Linux newbie, so please bare with me if you will.

    I have configured a Ubuntu Hardy server and have setup Postfix as my MTA, Dovecot for Pop3, Imap and Ldap, Amavis with ClamAV and Spamassassin, and postgrey for greylisting.

    I have fought through quite a few issues, but for the most part I have a "working" email server.

    The problem is this:
    I can get both Postfix and Dovecot to work together for all but one account.
    I can receive email to any account, and I can read email for all but this one account.
    I can navigate to the email directory and see the messages waiting in the ./new locations but for whatever reason, Dovecot cannot see nor retrieve them.
    Like I said, this happens only on one account.
    I can log in through a telnet session to Dovecot through pop3 or Imap and when you ask Dovecot to list it shows zero messages.

    I am stumped, I tried deleting the index and index.log files, but again, no joy.
    I have read that Dovecot uses an Index.cache, but this is not located in the email maildir folder.

    I am looking for a string to grab that might unravel this puzzle for me.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hello all!

    I have fixed my problem!

    It seems that Dovecot is unable to determine that there is no difference in the name Michael and michael.

    While this may not seem like a big issue to many, I have a habit of capitalizing the first letter of any name I type or write.

    When I populated the database with my user names I capitalized the first letter of a name and that email user could not be seen by Dovecot when the email was delivered.

    A VERY literal program.

    I am so glad the issue is fixed!

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