Hello all, I am new here and was hoping someone had some ideas about this topic. I am currently running a single Compaq DL380 G2 server. It is running at my house and acts as a web, ftp, email, and file server. It is one of the few items in my house that runs 24/7 and consumes energy that could hopefully be supplied elsewhere.

My question is... does anyone have experience with setting up a small solar power system for use on a couple particular devices? I want to run my server, router, modem, and small lcd monitor with it. The entire setup consumes less than 2 amps (that is.. if my AC amp meter is accurate). It is currently running on an 725va APC battery backup. I didn't know if there was some way to put the battery backup on some deep cycle batteries instead of the small built in battery. If that isn't possible, what would it take to setup a system that could run my server from solar power with a couple deep cycle batteries and a small scale grid tie system (if that is in fact what I need). Basically.. it just needs to switch to mains instead of solar/battery in the event that the batteries die. I live in Florida so I have pretty good sun exposure and I think this would work out pretty well if done right. This isn't something that necessarily has to be done, but it was just an idea that I've been thinking about.

ps. I hope I haven't completely confused everybody, I probably haven't done a great job explaining what I want to do.