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    Samba can't see workgroup computers

    Linux newbie here. I have set up SAMBA on a Mandrake 10.0 Linux box, and I can read and write files from an XP box to the Linux box. I don't seem to be able to browse the Windows shares from the Linux box, however. (When I type smb:/ into Konqueror, I see the workgroup and the Windows machines, but when I click on either of the Windows machine names, I get an error: "Share could not be found on given server.") HOw do I fix this? thanks. --Jeff

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    You're doing better than I did! I couldn't get the XP machines to write anything to the Linux machine. The Linux box wrote happily to the Windows machines (and in the end zapped my Windows network, which rather put me off the whole exercise).

    The other way round: I assume you have "file sharing" enabled on the relevant drives on the Windows machine? Without that, it will reject any attempt to read or write.

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    Problem Solved?!

    Strange thing. I rebooted the Linux box and now everything seems to work (for now).

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