Hey Folks,

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for this one?

I want to be able to configure sendmail to identify when emails from a specific relays are received, to then forward them to a predfined location, while ignoring DNS.

For instance...

Relay receives mail from internal mail system from me@mycompany.com to you@you.com
Sends using DNS to 3rd party relay... Ok.

Relay receives mail from you@you.com to me@mycompany.com
Sends to internal mail system using mailertable config.... ok.

Now for the tricky one!

Relay receives mail from predenfined 3rd party relay from me@mycompany.com to you@you.com, but the mail must be forwarded to an internal system for processing. Following this it will be forwarded back out to sendmail to be processed as usual.

Now initially I thought that I could use the mailertable, but this is only used to define routes for the recipient address.

Does anyone know if there is a way to define routes within sendmail dependant on the senders domain or relay address - like mailertable but looking for sender?

Thanks ins advance...