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    2 server on 1 port

    I have a webserver (i call it karichan) runnign Kubuntu apache mysql & php.
    It hosts several of my websites:

    I am setting up a second server (called hippie) which will host but they need to be on port 80. my router sends all requests on port 80 to karichan. How would i get it so requests to are forwarded to the server hippie.

    I have read that it can be done with some sort of proxing in apache but I cannot find any decent instructions i understand.

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    I think you are looking for this
    apache reverse proxy - Google Search

    but unless its because of a resource issue and neither server can handle both websites, I don't know why you don't simplify it and run both websites on the same apache. Its much easier to manage 1 server vs 2 unless there is a real need
    apache name based virtual host - Google Search
    and/or search this forum for "name based virtual host"

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