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    Post Squid configuration

    This is a bit of an odd question, is it possible to configure squid to query a bash script instead of the database files it would normally.

    The reason I want to be able to do this is we have a large number offices world wide all of which have their internet access filtered by their own squid servers, and I'm don't want to have to log into a couple of hundred ssh terminals to update the databases every time we add a number of blocked sites, I have proposed the change over to a central database (and got it accepted).

    If anyone has any suggestions that do not involve squid then the premise is simple.
    The local office server (acting as a transparent proxy) receives a request on port 80
    The url is queried with the central server
    The central server returns true (whitelist) or false (blacklist)
    The local server retrieves the appropriate url (IE: the requested url if returned true; redirects if returned false)

    So there you go, anyone got anything?

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    you could have a parent squid that the rest check in with
    Using a parent proxy with Squid

    squid cache peer - Google Search

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    but wouldn't that mean the parent proxy (centeral server) had all the traffic going through it. in which case wouldn't that be the same scenario as having everyone routed through the central server

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    If you don't want to go the central server route with a parent proxy, you could always setup rsync on a central server and rsync the blocklist to all the various squid proxies.

    Here a quick rsync guide.

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    If i understand that correctly rsync would mean keeping the databases in the individual sites but would reduce amount of traffic needed to update the local servers. that is certainly a workable solution but still not ideal I will continue looking into the squid source code to see if this can be done the way I want but never the less thank you.
    If anyone knows of a similar project to mine I would appreciate any details

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    Unhappy can access the internet(using Squid) through it fine but its NOT FILTERING in IE 7


    I am using fedora 8 where i have installed the latest squid at in my office. The squid running fine with error free. I have configured the proxy setting in one my winxp pc using both internet explorer 7 and firefox. If I browse orkut through firefox its filtering but when iam using ie7 its not blocking the site. Can somebody help me please

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