I am in need of a little help, I have been trying for almost a week to get things working with no luck.

I am trying to get Fedora 9 w/ MySQL working so I can access MySQL with the Windows ODBC Drivers.

I can get MySQL to work from the console terminal, and from the MySQL-Administrator tools, and I can telnet to IP 3306 and get garbage all from the console

I have removed the skip-network and have added the IP address to the my.cnf file

I have disabled the firewall on Fedora...

I have granted user@% and user@HostIP with no luck


From the Vista machine I try telnetting IP 3306 and nothing, and the ODBC driver (v 5.1) does not connect to the server either.

I am pretty sure it's something I am missing on Fedora, but I have no clue what, I am barely a week into using Fedora and Linux for the first time.