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    View SSH port log?

    Hi guys/gals,

    I know how to check /var/log/secure but what I want to be able to determine is if anyone is using my server as a tunnel and if so what IP they are eventually connecting to, secure logs don't show where a connection goes just where the user has connected from.

    Example: user Tom connects via SSH tunnel to server B on . Server A is obviously the conduit.

    Where in the logs on Server A can I find the IP address that Tom connected to? Can I?

    Server is Centos 5.1. Hope you can help!


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    so from your example, user1 ssh connects to server1, from there he initiates another connection using ssh client to some where else?

    If that is correct then I don't think the ssh client will be able to log in that way. You may need to do some firewall management, even if its just a pass thru, to capture the info you need.

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    It's more a question of if user Tom has Putty set up to create an SSH tunnel using Server A to get to Server B. Would that sort of action be recorded in the log and if so where?

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    No if u are the serve As root user check the netstat -anp that will display the
    current connections from the server and to the server ..
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