I have a Suse 8.0 on a private network. I wanted to set up a Mail server for internal use(within LAN). I have qmail configured and running properly. I recently installed openwebmail 3.05 from the website and have configured it to work properly.

I am facing the following problem. I would be very grateful if anyone could help.

Any message sent through openwebmail gets delivered in the mailbox specified by qmail since qmail is used as the mail service here.As a result, I am unable to see any messages in the openwebmail interface's inbox.
However, sent messages are stored in the sent-message folder on the openwebmail.
Is there any way I can integerate the two so that I can get the mails delivered in the correct place.
My mailbox format for qmail is mbox.

In the openwebmail.conf.default file :
use_homespooldir yes
homespooldirname Mailbox
symboliclink_mbox yes

Thanks in advance