Hi All

I am facing a strange issue on my linux boxes.

I am using RHEL4 as NFS server and have 2 clients on RHEL3 and 1 on RHEL5.

This NFS shared directory is around 50G data and have almost 400 directories at first level. Each direcotry is being updated by its application through tomcat on all four linux boxes and each directory has its sub-directories.

The issue is one of Linux box ( NFS-client ) sometimes unable to find the sub-directories and give the error like that

/NFSrootdirectory/client/application/directoryname file not found

The permissions are same for tomcat running on all four boxes. To fix this issue i have to manually refresh that folder on NFS server with 'ls' command.

Can any body suggests me what can be the problem? As its not specific to one client(directory or its sub-directories) it comes with random directories.

If i set to refresh NFS directory from the NFS server like

find /yournfsrootdirectory -type d -exec ls -d {} \;

it take so much time so i cant set this in crontab.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me to fix this issue.

Many thanks.