I hope I'm in the right section of this forum.
Well, I practise again linux after a few years standby
I'm using Fedora 6, Squid 3.0, Webmin 1.430 ...and SARG 2.2.5

I've installed Fedora6 (hostname=fedora6120) and installed Squid on it a week ago, which works normally. I've customised the error pages, check the squid.conf and the access.log files...

And now, I'm trying to install SARG but cannot reach the interface ! How can I ?
So I tried by this adress : http://myIPserveraddress/sarg-php/sarg-realtime.php.
And i finally got a webpage ...... but only the column's titles! (date/time, Ip/name, userid, type, accessed site) but I change the link to the access.log in the sarg.conf.
Well...I don't have any results in this webpage! Seems like no-interpretation of the access.log (this one if full of informations by the way).
Why cannot I see the results of SARG ?
Can I directly manage SARG through Webmin, can I ?

I'm lauching a plain command in the console #sarg but got the error message
SARG: File not found: /usr/local/squid/var/logs/access.log

As I said, i changed the access.log in the sarg.conf with the right path !
(#access_log /var/log/squid/access.log)

Why ?
I guess sarg isn't properly installed and/or configured ...
Is there any install.log somewhere else to check if the progress was correct
And how can i change the date format in the access.log file ? (actually it's 543432434,258 -time since 1/01/1970 and would as 2:40:30 i.e.)

All helps, documents, user guide, etc...are the most welcome.
Thx a lot