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    Question about mysql command

    Hi folks,

    On typing following lines granting privilege;

    mysql> GRANT SELECT ON mailserver.*
    -> TO mailuser@localhost
    -> IDENTIFIED BY 'password; [Enter]
    Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

    I discovered later miss-typing "mailuser" as "maluser". Please advise how can I rectify it. Or how to delete that privilege and then recreate another one.

    Besides what command shall I run to show virtual users

    mysql> show virtual_user

    doesn't work.



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    It doesn't look like we have that many sql experts here, so I'll give the only advice I can.

    I've played about with MySQL and I've always ended up putting a tool like phpmyadmin on the SQL server so I can tweak stuff properly. It's far too much hard work to go doing this by hand through the command line.

    Just don't put phpmyadmin on a server that faces the internet - there are some rather thick script kiddies around that will try to use it to gain entry.
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    You got to drop the user from the user table. And receate the user from mysql shell. And more importantly you got to type flush peiviledges; To take the grant table take effect of that.

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    Hi Roxoff and unixbhaskar,

    Thanks for your advice.

    I got my problem fixed by running;

    mysql > USE mysql;

    mysql > update user set User = "mailuser" where User = "maluser";
    mysql > flush privileges;

    A side question;

    If typing;
    mysql > line 1
          > line 2
          > line 3
          > line 4
    suddenly I discover a mistake on line 2. Can I jump back to line 2 making correction? If YES, please advise how. TIA


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